The allure of Catamaran Charter

Tucked in the heart of Europe, Croatia offers a journey through ancient history, diverse cultures, and the splendour of its nature. One of the most enchanting ways to explore this part of Europe is by hiring a catamaran. 

If you are looking for a memorable nautical adventure, Croatia’s turquoise waters and its islands make an enchanting playground. Chartering a catamaran in Croatia is more than just a trip; it’s an adventure. 

Each stop along the road offers a different perspective on the beauty and charm of Croatia, from ancient cities to secret coves. On the last day of your charter, when the sun sets, you will be left with memories of an extraordinary voyage that will always be associated with the charm of paradise on the Adriatic.

Due to their double hulls and spacious decks, catamarans are a preferred method for visiting the Croatian coast. With their stability, comfort, and spacious living quarters, catamarans are a practical and flexible means of navigating the Adriatic. Everyone on board enjoys the trip more because it is smoother, less likely to make them seasick, and generally more enjoyable. Catamaran cruises are a great option for those who are inexperienced sailors or who are sensitive to motion. 

The design of a catamaran features a roomy salon, staterooms, and outside deck spaces. This means there will be more space for relaxing, hanging out, and soaking in the breathtaking views of the Croatian coastline. It’s a great option for families, groups of friends, or couples travelling together. The extra room provides greater privacy between cabins.

Because of their shallow drafts, they can enter hidden coves and remote anchorages that are frequently inaccessible to larger ships. There are many undiscovered bays, coves, and anchorages along Croatia’s coastline. Because of the catamaran, you may visit more secluded and beautiful areas, giving your trip a more exclusive feel.  This means that guests can enjoy the tranquilly of secluded bays while benefiting from the amenities of modern facilities on board.

The galley, heads, and entertainment systems on many catamarans are well furnished with contemporary conveniences. This ensures a pleasant charter experience without losing the feeling of being fully immersed in nature.

Luxury catamarans give individuals and couples sharing the charter greater privacy because they have separate hulls and cabins. Since each cabin has its own bathroom, life there is more individualised and comfortable.

For your yacht charter, a catamaran guarantees not only stability and comfort but also the flexibility to explore remote areas and enjoy all the splendour of the Adriatic. A catamaran enriches your charter experience with one of Europe’s most enticing maritime playgrounds.

Setting Sail: The Adriatic adventure begins

Croatia, a country full of discovery and adventure, invites you to explore its maritime beauty by embarking on these sailing yachts. 

Start your holiday in Croatia by visiting Split. This historic city is known for Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Before moving forward, take a tour of the thriving Old Town and savour some regional food.

Your next stop should be the island of Hvar, which is well-known for its lavender fields. Explore its unique combination of leisure and entertainment.

Take a stroll through picturesque neighbourhoods and visit historic churches.

One of the bucket-list places is Dubrovnik. Its historic walls, buildings, and beautiful surroundings of the Adriatic Sea are what makes your trip unforgettable. Relive the past by exploring the old town.

The Elafiti Islands are a quiet haven just off the coast of Dubrovnik. Here you will find beautiful fishing villages, a crystal clear sea, and untouched landscapes.

Enjoy the blend of tradition and modernity that Šibenik has to offer. Visit the magnificent St. James Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the most significant Renaissance-era building in all of Croatia.

Navigate the Kornati Islands, a paradise known for its pristine seas, secret coves, and stunning scenery. It is a wonderland of around 100 islands and islets. A great place to dive, snorkel, and explore.

Discover the ancient sights, lively atmosphere, and artwork like the Sun Salutation and Sea Organ in Zadar. Take in the fascinating fusion of contemporary art and ancient history. 

Plitvice Lakes National Park, although not on the coast, offers the opportunity to experience the diverse landscapes of Croatia. Cascading waterfalls and terraced lakes in this UNESCO World Heritage Site offer a fascinating natural spectacle. It is a surreal experience where nature dominates, reminding visitors of the incredible beauty that can be found both on land and at sea.

Visit Istria, especially the town of Rovinj, which offers a mix of Venetian and Croatian culture with narrow streets, vibrant markets, and a picturesque old town.

These are just a handful of the many locations in Croatia that you can visit with a catamaran rental. There are countless chances for exploration, leisure, and cultural engagement thanks to Croatia’s unique coastline, islands, and historical monuments. Sailing in Croatia provides you with an exciting nautical voyage, whether you’re looking for bustling cities, quiet harbours, or a combination of both.

Navigating weather and conditions

Depending on what you enjoy, the experiences you are looking for, and the things you want to participate in during this sailing experience, we may help you choose the ideal time for scheduling your boat rental.

Spring (April-May): Spring is a lovely time to cruise around Croatia as the weather is starting to warm up and there is still a low volume of tourists. Swimming conditions may be a little chilly in April, but they warm up in May. Due to the lush, green surroundings, you may visit well-known locations without the summer crowds and have a more peaceful experience.

Early summer (June-July): This period is regarded as the busiest sailing season in Croatia. The atmosphere is upbeat, the weather is consistently pleasant, and the water is great for swimming. The coastal towns and islands come alive during festivals, events, and a flurry of activity. However, during this time, you can anticipate larger crowds and higher prices.

Late summer (August-September): The end of the summer might be a great compromise between the busy peak season and the more relaxed spring. Because of the pleasant weather, swimming in the sea is still appealing. Even though there are fewer people around in September, the coastal towns and islands still have a lively atmosphere.

Autumn (October): The final month of the sailing season in Croatia. Even though the weather can still be wonderful, particularly at the beginning of October, it is important to be aware that as the month progresses, a number of tourist services may start to close. This might reduce the accessibility of some activities, services, and restaurants.

No matter what time of year you choose to visit, the Croatian islands and coastline offer a breathtaking setting for an unforgettable sailing vacation.

The cost of your journey

There are many variables that can affect how much it costs to charter a catamaran in Croatia. The price will be significantly influenced by the catamaran’s size, brand, and age. Larger, more luxurious catamarans typically have higher prices. Our charters typically have weekly availability. Prices frequently drop for charters that are longer.  It is important to keep in mind that not all expenses can be covered by the initial charter fee. If you decide to hire a captain or crew, you may need to budget for additional costs like provisions (food and beverages), gasoline, marina fees, captain or crew fees, water toys, and insurance.

If you have never been on a yacht before, you might need to hire a skipper. The compensation for a skipper varies according to experience and credentials. If you decide on a crewed charter, crew pay must also be taken into consideration.

In the height of the season, our charter offers bareboat catamaran rentals for as little as €2,400 per week for a smaller, older model and as much as €53,000 or more per week for larger, newer, and more luxurious models.