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Choosing an ideal yacht charter doesn’t need to feel like a stressful task, that’s why we at Yacht Charter Croatia are here to help. It is important to decide which type of yacht or charter will suit you the best before you book it in order to spend your vacation in full relaxation mode.

We offer you all the necessary information about different types of yachts and charters. When choosing the right yacht or boat you want to charter, it’s important to keep in mind several following facts. Your wishes, Your boating skills & your financial ability

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Feel free to contact our Yacht Charter Croatia staff, who will help you with your decision.

If you decide to charter a yacht with a skipper or a complete crew, because you want complete comfort and relaxation without having to care about the logistics or you don’t have enough experience in operating a boat, we will organize for you a certified, experienced and professional skipper/crew that will make your stay at sea memorable and carefree.

Yacht Charter Croatia Offers You Several Types Of Yachts

Bareboat Charter

If you wish to have an active vacation and be free at the same time, assuming that you can operate a yacht, a bareboat yacht charter is an option for you.

One of your crew members with the most experience has to have a valid international skipper license, as well as a VHF license.
Such skipper and the crew take on the responsibility for the yacht during the charter period.

We offer you a wide selection of yachts that you can charter without crew.

Bareboat Charter Croatia
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Skippered Charter

If you want a comfortable vacation without obligations and thinking about the mooring, anchoring, or if you wish to improve your practical knowledge of operating a yacht, we recommend you charter a yacht with a skipper.

You can trust and rely on their experience and professionalism, the skipper is responsible for the yacht and your safety.

Besides that, a skipper is also your local tour guide who will give you useful advice on the places worth seeing; he is familiar with the local landmarks, restaurants, and even the most secluded anchorage places. You can learn a lot from the skipper, and enhance your skills in steering and sailing.

Fully Crewed Charter

You like to sail but you also love the comfort of a 5-star hotel, you want a high level of service and style, all within a carefree and relaxing vacation… Then the best choice for you is a fully crewed charter.

Charter yachts with a full crew are the most luxurious type of charter and are usually offered for luxurious yachts that have separate cabins for the crew members for the guests to have complete privacy and comfort at every moment.

The crew consists of the captain, chef, deckhand, and a hostess who take care of the yacht and the guests during the whole rental period at the highest standards; everything you wish, these professionals can arrange, so you can relax and enjoy the pure delight and luxury!

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Cabin Charter

If you wish to experience the pleasures of sailing and luxury at an affordable price, if you like meeting new friends and you are open to new experiences and cultural exchange, a cabin charter is the best type of charter for you.

You rent a cabin with its bathroom, while you share the rest of the yacht with the other guests. A professional crew operates all aspects of the yacht, and a gourmet chef prepares all the meals. The meals are prepared from fresh local food in the tradition of Mediterranean cuisine.

In our offer we have small luxurious yachts from 3 to 10 cabins, that will enable you to explore the wonderful bays and anchorages and untouched beaches, passengers of large cruisers can only dream of…

Feel free to contact our Yacht Charter Croatia staff, who will help you with your decision.

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