Destinations in Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful country with a diverse range of attractions, from historic cities to stunning natural landscapes. Here are some popular destinations in Croatia:


Yacht Charter Istria

In Istria, the sailing season starts in April and runs through either October or sometimes November. The summer months are usually mild, with lots of sunshine and little rain. Istria receives a good amount of sunshine during the year. 


Yacht Charter Rijeka

With favourable sailing conditions, Rijeka is a popular destination for yacht chartering and adventure enthusiasts. The ideal months for visiting Rijeka are June, July, and August. The temperature during this months makes it the perfect season for swimming and water sport activities.


Yacht Charter Zadar

Zadar is Croatia’s oldest continuously inhabited city. It is located on the Adriatic Sea, in the northwestern area of Ravni Kotari. Zadar is the administrative centre of Zadar Region and the northern Dalmatian area. 


Yacht Charter Sibenik

One of the joys of yacht chartering in Sibenik is the possibility of discovering hidden jewels that are inaccessible by land. Sail to the serene island of Murter, famed for being a starting point for visiting Kornati National Park. 


Yacht Charter Split

On the stunning Dalmatian coast, there lies a lovely city. Split is the name of that coastal city. Charterers find Split to be a perfect location due to its proximity to the stunning Adriatic Sea. Yacht Charter Split is here for you if you want to travel relaxed and without stress.


Yacht Charter Hvar

The island of Hvar has a Mediterranean-hot summer climate. It features warm summers and gentle winters. The town receives 2800 hours of sunlight per year. During the summer, when water temperatures typically range from 23 °C to 27 °C, Hvar enjoys an average of 7.7 sunlight hours per day.

dubrovnik yacht

Yacht Charter Dubrovnik

Welcome to the ideal destination for sailing beginners. The Adriatic Sea has everything necessary for a great yacht charter experience. It offers constant sunlight, warm seas, and strong winds. 


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