The Allure of Gulet Charters

Enter a world where elegance and tradition dance on the sea. Embark on your gulet and enjoy your travels across Croatia. You’ll come across secret coves, old cities, and sun-drenched islands. One breathtaking scene at a time, this time-traveling nautical journey reveals the Adriatic’s boundless splendour.

Croatia, a country hidden away in the Mediterranean, has a stunning Adriatic coastline. A gulet charter is among the most alluring ways to discover this coastal gem. This classic wooden sailing yacht pays homage to the area’s long-standing nautical customs. A Croatia gulet charter offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience where cutting-edge luxury meets classic charm, offering an unrivalled opportunity to see this incredible area.

Gulets offer the ideal fusion of comfort and history with their graceful lines and warm wooden aesthetic. Their small size, which frequently only holds a handful of passengers, allows for a more individualised experience than what larger cruise ships can provide. A visit to a remote port, a charming village, or an uninhabited island awaits passengers on every day of their Gulet cruise along the Croatian coast.

Beautiful seas, rocky cliffs, and beaches can be found all over. Gulet charters give you the opportunity to explore undiscovered coves, go swimming in distant bays, and dive into crystal-clear seas right from the deck of your boat. A gulet holiday provides access to Croatia’s fascinating past in addition to enjoying its natural beauty.

One of the most relaxing aspects of a gulet charter is the leisurely rhythm of sailing. You will feel a rare sense of tranquilly as you glide through the Adriatic, propelled by the wind. You can learn the basics of sailing from the experienced crew or simply enjoy the sensation of being carried by the waves. You can escape the stresses of everyday life and completely relax at this leisurely pace.

The commitment to protect the pristine beauty of the Croatian coast goes hand in hand with its exploration. Our gulet charter company adheres to environmentally friendly practises to ensure that their cruises have no impact on the environment. We strive to preserve this delicate marine ecology for future generations.

Gulet Charter Croatia offers 10 gulets for rent.

Setting Sail: The Unforgettable Voyage

A Croatian Gulet charter is more than just a trip; it’s a unique experience that combines adventure, luxury, and nature. It’s an opportunity to escape the modern world and rediscover the timeless beauty of the sea. Every second you spend on a Gulet charter is a stroke in a painting of memories, whether you’re relaxing on the deck, visiting ancient cities, or swimming in the water. Given that Croatia’s coastline is famed for its diversity and beauty, travelling with a gulet there opens up a broad choice of alternatives.

The Dalmatian coast is Croatia’s most famous and visited region. It stretches from Dubrovnik in the south to Zadar in the north and includes a number of scenic stops along the way. Dubrovnik’s old town, the beautiful islands of Hvar, Brac, and Vis, as well as picturesque coastal towns like Split and Sibenik, are all worth seeing.

The southern region of Dalmatia has other undiscovered gems to offer besides Dubrovnik. The beautiful foliage and relaxed atmosphere of the Elafiti Islands are well known. You can enjoy the tranquilly and natural beauty of these islands by sailing on a gulet. The Kornati Islands, which are part of the Kornati National Park, are a paradise for sailors and nature lovers. Most of the almost 100 islands and islets that make up this archipelago are uninhabited. For gulet charters, this is an ideal place because of the beautiful sea, untamed landscape, and abundance of marine life. You can swim, snorkel, and explore these pristine islands whenever you want.

In contrast to the Dalmatian coast, the Istrian Peninsula, located in the north of Croatia, is of unmistakable beauty. Besides the green interior with its vineyards and olive groves, Istria is also known for its attractive coastal towns such as Rovinj and Pula. By renting a gulet in Istria, you can visit both the inland and the coast.

Along the coastline, Croatia is home to numerous beautiful national parks. Parks like Paklenica National Park, renowned for its stunning canyons and rock formations, and Mljet National Park, famed for its salty lakes, may also be visited as part of a gulet charter.

Navigating weather and conditions

There is no perfect time to rent a gulet in Croatia because it depends on the weather, people, and type of experience you seek. Croatia is a popular travel destination due to its year-round Mediterranean climate; however, the most popular and recommended period for gulet charters is throughout the summer, particularly from late spring to early October.

Summer is the busiest season for gulet charters in Croatia. The weather is pleasant and sunny, with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 35°C (77°F to 95°F), making it ideal for outdoor activities such as swimming and tanning. During the summer, the sea is calm and ideal for sailing and other water sports.

The cost of your journey by gulet

Size and levels of luxury vary among gulets. The price of bigger, more opulent gulets with premium facilities like en-suite rooms, air conditioning, and water sports gear is often higher than that of smaller, more basic gulets, which are typically more inexpensive.

A professional crew, food, water sports gear, and excursions are a few of the extras that some gulet charters offer as part of the price. The price of luxury gulets might increase since they sometimes provide more extensive services and facilities.

In the height of the season, our charter provides luxury gulet rentals starting at €13,000 per week and going up to €110,000 and more per week for bigger, newer, and more opulent versions.