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Yacht Charter Istria

Sailing through the gem of the Adriatic

Why choose Istria?

You will experience warm hospitality and a vibrant cultural heritage during your boat charter in Istria. You may participate in a variety of festivals and events that are organised throughout the year since the locals like sharing their customs with tourists.

This triangle region provides a dynamic blend of people, customs, and civilizations as it connects the borders of Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. Istra, a stunning peninsula on the Adriatic Sea’s northeastern shore, is renowned for its stunning scenery, mediaeval seaside villages, and crystal-clear waters. 

Situated in the northern part of the Adriatic, this peninsula lies between the Gulf of Trieste and the Kvarner Gulf. One of the rarest places that is shared by three countries. Istrian County in Croatia occupies most of the Istrian peninsula.  Because of its borders with Slovenia and Italy, Istria is well-connected and easy to reach from the rest of Europe. Recognised by its green rolling hills, rocky beaches, and Mediterranean temperature, Istria is one of Croatia’s most popular tourist attractions. 

The scenery you encounter here is one of a kind. But Istria is not only about its magnificent nature. Experience its mediaeval towns that offer evidence of a vibrant history. Try its delicious regional food and sample fine wines that highlight Istria’s gastronomy

What is the best time to visit Istria?

In Istria, the sailing season starts in April and runs through either October or sometimes November. The summer months are usually mild, with lots of sunshine and little rain. Istria receives a good amount of sunshine during the year. The hottest month is July, with an average temperature of 23 °C on the land and 24 °C in the water.

Top destinations

Istria is a place with a lot to offer visitors since there are many thrilling things to do and many attractions to choose from. Visit Pula, a most popular destination in Istria. It is famous for The Roman amphitheatre, the most famous monument in the region. 

Explore Rovinj, with its old town built on the island. It is well-known for being one of the most beautiful and enchanting cities in the Mediterranean. When visiting Porec, you must visit its magnificent Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tourists’ favourite spot for day visits is Brijuni National Park. 14 islands or islets make up this archipelago, which has been protected since 1983. Opatija was one of the first places that were known as tourist resorts back in the 19th century. It is famous for its beautiful seaside and villas fit for a fairytale.  Istria is more than a destination; it’s a profound encounter. 

Savouring the moments

Istria is a destination where thrilling festivities, buzzing nightlife, and delectable food come together to create an unforgettable sensory experience. Numerous events honouring Istria’s vibrant modern culture and historical past bring this region to life.  Istria’s region is a place for fans of cinema, from the Motovun Film Festival to the Pula Film Festival.  The Outlook Festival and Seasplash Festival are just a couple of the music events where fans can get loose. 

Don’t miss the exciting Porec Open Air Festival or the flavorful Truffle Days if you’re looking for a taste of tradition.  These celebrations unite residents and guests in a lively celebration that blends tradition and modernity. Istria is a culinary lover’s heaven. Enjoy the renowned truffles of the area and the homemade olive oil that is used in their regional cuisine.  Try freshly caught seafood from the Adriatic, which gives you a genuine taste of the sea.  Taste fine wines from Istria, produced in the region’s many vineyards, that go well with these delicacies.  Istrian food is a love letter to the senses, from small konoba taverns to fine restaurants.

Sailing in Istria offers an unforgettable and spectacular sailing experience. It is the ideal option for exploring this unspoiled treasure in Croatia. You’ll have plenty of options when organising your boat rental in Istria, thanks to our selection of available yachts. There is a yacht to suit your interests and group size, from opulent motor yachts to slender sailing yachts.

Sailing Yacht Charter

Sailing yachts are a reflection of classic beauty. They allow a close connection with nature. As it slowly moves through the water, its magnificent sails capture the wind. These yachts are the perfect representation of the freedom and adventure that are found on the open seas.

Catamaran Charter

A catamaran is a yacht with twin hulls joined by a large deck that offers the ideal combination of elegance and stability. It provides a sturdy and comfortable sailing experience. This kind of yacht is perfect for leisurely cruises because it has lots of space for lounging and sunbathing. 

Motor Yacht Charter 

Motor yachts are a flexible and adaptable category of aquatic vehicles. They are powered by strong engines, which give them incredible speed and remarkable movement on the water. Taking part in underwater activities, fishing trips, and discovering secret coves is possible because of this boat’s ability to navigate shallow waters.

Gulet Charter

A gulet is a classic wooden sailing yacht of Mediterranean heritage. It is known for its elegance, roomy deck, and opulent luxury. These yachts will provide you with a smooth and elegant cruise. A gulet is a combination of traditional style and modern amenities.  Gulets are ideal for exploring coastal treasures, secret bays, and remote islands because of their wide and solid hulls.

*Why us?*

With its magnificent pine-covered coastline and crystal-clear waters that invite sailors to beaches, coves, marinas, towns, and several little islands, Istria is an intriguing place to discover via yacht hire. 

Istria’s Yacht Charter personnel, with knowledge of yacht rentals and the locations we provide, will ensure that every detail of your vacation is thoughtfully planned.  Sailing yachts, motorboats, catamarans, and gulets are just a few of the luxurious vessels we provide. If you want to sail throughout the season, Istria’s region is possibly the greatest yachting area!

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