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Yacht Charter Rovinj

Sailing the Adriatic in Style

Rovinj, Croatia, positioned on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula, is one of the most developed tourist resorts. The old city was built on an island that was connected to the mainland in the 18th century.  It’s one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful and romantic cities, and over the past few decades, it’s become one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. According to the 2021 census, the town of Rovinj has around 13,000 inhabitants. Some residents still speak Istriot (a Romance language that was once common in this area). The town is bilingual in both Croatian and Italian; hence, the names Rovinj and Rovigno are both official.  

Rovinj’s 22 islets, its temperate Mediterranean climate, its well-planned parks, the cleanliness of the streets, the friendly atmosphere of the locals, and the numerous and diverse town events have all contributed to the city’s growing popularity in recent years.  This town in Istria combines its rich history with modernity in a unique way. The church of St. Euphemia is a main cultural attraction situated at the highest point of the city. 

Rovinj’s old town is a very popular meeting place for artists from all over the world. As you walk through the streets, you will come across many art galleries and studios. Every year, in the summer months, you can attend the biggest open-air art exhibition in the Adriatic. This exhibition is held in Grisia, one of the town’s main old streets. Being a fishing port makes you feel like you are in a little fishing village. This feeling enchants you, especially during fishermen’s festivities. It has developed excellent gastronomy, and tourist service in bars and restaurants is very good. 

There are so many things to do that it is impossible to list them all, so we highly recommend you visit Rovinj and surrender to its beauty. The Golden Cape is also a real gem, a nature park with endless dreamy beaches and amazing cycling and hiking paths. Rovinj and the surrounding areas are packed with amazing attractions, but the beaches are even better! People who come to Rovinj are amazed by the stunning beach views that are right in the middle of town. Most sandy beaches are tiny pebble coves surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation, setting the scene for the turquoise sea.

Setting Sail from Rovinj’s Marina

ACI Marina Rovinj is one of the biggest marinas in Croatia and is located on the southeast corner of the city’s port. It has the best view of the old city centre, the Church of St. Euphemia, and St. Catherine’s Island. The marina is divided into two parts: one for transit vessels and one for yachts, which anchor there all year round.  For 34 years, ACI Marina has been a part of the beautiful surroundings of the city. Its looks, location, and content make it one of the best places in the Mediterranean to anchor your yacht. In 2019, the marina’s sea and land parts were completely renovated.

This modern ACI marina offers cutting-edge design, cutting-edge technological solutions, and the services of the best nautical tourism in the world. ACI Marina Rovinj is equipped with a reception desk, an exchange office, and a restaurant.  It offers yacht repair services and boat rental services. It also has a store, a wellness centre, laundry service, and parking. It provides yearly berthing and in-transit berthing for vessels up to 17 metres in length. It has 196 berths.  ACI Marina is one of the most modern one-stop shops in the whole Adriatic Sea.

Yacht Selection

Renting a yacht with Yacht Charter Rovinj allows you to have the sailing experience you have dreamed of. Whether you’re looking for a motor yacht, a sailing yacht, a luxurious gulet, or a spacious catamaran, we’ll help you find the perfect yacht for your needs and budget. We offer a wide selection of yachts in a variety of sizes, features, and styles.

Have the freedom to create your own unique itinerary and explore the sandy and pebbly beaches of Istria at your own pace. So sail along the beautiful Adriatic coast and its islands with confidence.

Safety and support

Your comfort and safety are our top priorities when you choose to charter your yacht in the Rovinj region. Our highly qualified and experienced staff is committed to ensuring you have a safe and pleasant sailing experience. We have everything you need for your yacht charter, from navigation skills to on-board safety equipment. 

In the event of any emergency, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide you with advice and support to make your sailing experience as stress-free as possible. When chartering with us, you don’t set a course; you sail with confidence.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, an adventure, a romantic getaway, or a combination of all the above, a yacht charter to Rovinj offers something for everyone. With the freedom to explore the coastline and nearby islands on your terms, the comfort of a private yacht, and the delicious Istrian cuisine, you’re sure to have a vacation you’ll treasure for years to come. Rovinj calls your name and invites you to sail and create unforgettable memories.

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