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Security Deposit

Yacht Charter Croatia Security Deposit

The security deposit is the amount with which you are liable in case of any damage that is the consequence of mishandling of the boat, which happens during your charter. All the boats are fully insured with Casco insurance, but the security deposit has to be made in starting the marina by the client when taking over of the yacht. The security deposit can be made in cash or credit cards. The security deposit shall be refunded in its full amount unless the existence of damage or a defect on the yacht or the equipment is found during the takeover of the yacht, and unless there are no claims field or announced regarding the Charterer by third persons that are connected to the usage of the yacht.

In case of loss of or damage on the equipment, particular parts of the yacht or the yacht itself, the charter company shall retain the amount (a part or the whole deposit), which corresponds to the value of repair, acquisition and/or purchasing the equipment or particular part of the yacht. In case the caused damage has the consequence that yacht cannot be further chartered, the charter company has the right to retain the total amount of security deposit corresponding to the loss of profit. The amount of security deposit is the maximum amount with which you can be charged for any damages. Everything that exceeds that amount the charter company will cover from the insurance company.

Dinghy and outboard engine

Most charter companies now include the dinghy and oars in the charter fee, while the outboard engine is often part of the charter pack or charged separately at roughly €80

Tourist taxes

These are taxes levied on all tourists in certain countries. In Croatia, this is €1.40 per person per day.


Your yacht will usually start the week with a full tank of fuel, which you simply need to top up at the end of the week. Fuel costs vary, so if you’d like an estimate for how much this will cost, please ask your broker.

Documents for bareboat charter Croatia:

For a bareboat charter in Croatia, you need a valid sailing license & VHF license. It is always better to check if your license is valid.

How to book

When you decide that you would like to book, our booking office will send you the confirmation with all payment and bank details. After receiving an advance payment, you should receive a contract and after receiving the balance payment – a boarding pass. The booking office will ask you your arrival time, and crew list details (skippers license number, name and surname of all the crew, date of birth, and passport number).

Marina fees: In high season it’s roughly 2 Euros per foot of yacht

Normal Starting day: Saturday


  • Do not throw rubbish into the sea while sailing in Croatia
  • Do not discharge wastewater from a boat near the shore and in protected areas
  • Does not violate the law on fishing
  • Fire on open is forbidden
  • Save the water whenever you can
  • Croatian tap water is safe for drinking so you can always refill your bottles
  • Save energy: sail as much as you can, try windsurfing , avoid skuters and motorboats.

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