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Terms & Conditions

Yacht Charter Croatia ltd. Terms & Conditions

1) Acceptance of Charter Terms

These general terms and conditions of yacht charter govern the rights and obligations of the lessee (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) and the lessor (hereinafter referred to as “Charter Company”). Yacht Charter Croatia ltd. is hereinafter referred to as “the Company”. The Client accepts all charter conditions on behalf of themselves and their crew. By making the initial payment, the Client signifies their agreement with all regulations and conditions and acknowledges that this payment is equivalent to a personal signature.

2) Pricing, Charter Bookings, and Payment Terms

The charter price (accommodation rate) includes the use of the vessel and equipment according to the current price list, bed linen, auxiliary rowboat, gas, autopilot, GPS, and standard services provided by the Company at the time of check-in and check-out, including mooring expenses in the home port. The charter price does not cover fuel costs, marina and mooring fees outside the home port, port taxes, and other charges. Additional services and extras, which require payment as per the effective price list (e.g., airport transfers, outboard engines, spinnakers, gennakers, one-way fees, skippers, hostesses, etc.), must be confirmed in writing by both parties no later than 7 days prior to the charter start date.

Payments should be made as follows:

50% of the total charter fee upon reservation.

The remaining 50% of the charter fee at least 45 days before the embarkation.

Full payment must be completed before taking possession of the boat.

3) Cancellation Policy

The Client’s cancellation of the booked accommodation service must be notified in writing to the Company.

The following cancellation fees apply: 50% of the total accommodation rate if cancellation occurs up to 45 calendar days before the start date of accommodation. 100% of the total accommodation rate if cancellation occurs less than 45 calendar days before the start date of accommodation. The Company will make reasonable efforts to rebook the cancelled period and may refund a portion of the fee based on its ability to find a replacement booking.

4) Deposit and Insurance

All vessels are insured, including Compulsory Passenger and Third Party Insurance. The Client is required to pay a security deposit, which varies based on the vessel’s value, before taking possession of the vessel. This deposit covers any damage or loss during the charter period and is fully refundable provided the vessel is returned in its original condition.

5) Vessel Delivery and Redelivery Procedures (Check-In and Check-Out)

Delivery of the vessel usually takes place on Saturdays from 5 pm onwards. Redelivery of the vessel occurs on the following Saturday by 9 am. During both check-in and check-out, the Client must inspect and sign off on the vessel’s condition and inventory.

6) Client’s Liability

The Client agrees to: Not engage in any illegal activities while using the vessel. Not exceed the specified number of passengers. Be responsible for the conduct of all passengers. Inform the Company if planning to sail outside territorial waters of the Republic of Croatia. Return the vessel in clean condition with full fuel and water tanks.

7) Company’s Liability

The Company agrees to provide the vessel in full working order and with all necessary documentation. If the Company is unable to provide the reserved vessel, it will endeavor to supply a substitute vessel of equal or superior quality.

8) Complaints

Any complaints during the charter period must be communicated in writing to the Company for consideration.

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