Transit Log

Often referred to as a charter pack or comfort package, a transit log is the obligatory service payment you make locally on check-in at the base. A transit log usually covers all of the minor incidentals, from cleaning fees to the outboard engine, toilet paper and washing up equipment. It also covers your share of the unseen but vital maintenance costs, for both labor and parts of wear and tear.

What is and isn’t included in the transit log or charter pack can vary enormously depending on the country, charter provider, and even the yacht you choose to charter. Below is a breakdown of various constituent parts that may be included or charged separately as optional extras.

Here are some of the most common items included in transit logs/charter packs, and their approximate costs:
• Final cleaning: can range from €80 to €350
• Outboard engine: €80-120 per week
• Bed sheets: roughly €15 per set
• Towels: roughly €5 per person
• 10GB Wifi: roughly €30 per week

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