transit log

Transit Log

Yacht Charter Croatia Transit Log

A transit payment, charter pack, comfort package, or simply a transit log is the service payment you are required to make at base check-in. It is a variable amount of money that is paid when renting a yacht in Croatia.

Most of them include bed linen and cleaning. They also cover your hidden but important maintenance expenses, like labour and parts that need to be taken care of. Services like WiFi connection on board, tourist tax,
and basic marina charges can be included or not. 

The details of a transit log can vary depending on the type of yacht and charter you choose. Once you’ve chosen your yacht, we will be able to explain the details of your transit log with your booking. Here’s a breakdown of some of the key components that may or may not be included in transit logs, as well as what you’ll be charged for optional extras.

If you’re looking for a transit log or charter pack, you can expect:

  •  to pay between €80 and €350 for the final cleaning
  • €80 to €120 for the outboard engine
  • €15 for bed sheets per set,
  • €5 for towels per person
  • and €30 for 10GB of WiFi per week.