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Things To Know Before Booking A Yacht Charter In Croatia!

Useful Croatia Information

License For Steering With a Yacht

Croatian law requires that one person need a valid skipper license for operating the yacht and a VHF license as well, issued by an authorized state department.

We suggest you send us a copy of your license before you make the reservation for the yacht, so we could check the validity of your license in Croatia with our Port Authority.

If your license is not adequate for a charter of a yacht in Croatia, you can always take a skipper or take the exam upon arrival to Croatia, to get a valid license.

Once you’ve made your decision about your reservation, we urge you to carefully read all the terms of the rental contract. Once you have signed the contract, you accept all its conditions.

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scuba diving in croatia

Diving in Croatia– Pleasure & Sport

Diving for pleasure and sport can be:

  • Individual
  • Organized

For organized diving in the Republic of Croatia, you need to be a member of a diving center, diving community, or any other legal or physical entity registered for underwater activities in the Republic of Croatia.

Individual diving in the Republic of Croatia requires you to get a permit for individual diving, which is issued by the port authority in charge (Pula, Rijeka, Senj, Zadar, Sibenik, Split, Ploce, or Dubrovnik) or its branch-offices; the permit is valid for a year after the date of issue.

In individual diving, the diver is obliged to learn about the zones where individual diving is forbidden (Regulations on the procedure and method of granting a permit for underwater activities in inner waters and territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia in areas where there are cultural assets NN 22/09).

Also, with individual diving, the diver is obliged to correctly mark the diving area by placing a buoy at the center of the diving area, of orange or red color and a diameter of at least 30 centimeters, or a scuba flag (an orange rectangle with a white diagonal line, or a maritime signal flag of the letter ‘A’ of the International Code of Signals, or a scuba flag displayed highly on the boat from which one dives into the sea). At night the buoy has to have a light – a flashing light of yellow or white color, seen at a distance of at least 300 meters.

Fishing In Republic Of Croatia & Types Of Permits

In the Republic of Croatia, you need a permit for recreational and sport fishing, regardless of whether you fish from the coast or a boat.

Types of permits:

There are many types of permits for sport and recreational fishing at sea.

They are:

1. Daily and multi-daily permits

  • for one (1) day
  • for three (3) days
  • for seven (7) days
  • for thirty (30) days

2. Yearly permits

  • for the calendar year

Daily and multi-day permits for sport fishing at sea are valid only with a membership card from HSŠRM or another country’s fishing association. The yearly permits for sport fishing at sea are only valid with an HSŠRM membership card.

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scuba diving in croatia

Environment Protection & Code Of Conduct At Sea in Croatia

Environmental protection refers to the preservation of the quality of air, water, and land. It includes taking part in collective activities, measures, and efforts by state authorities, organized groups, and individuals. The main goal of such activities that support environmental protection is not only preserving a healthy and clean environment but also raising awareness on this issue.

The Croatian coast and sea are among the cleanest and best-preserved in the world. Croatian government puts in a great effort to conduct activities and sustainable development programs in the field of environmental protection. That primarily refers to investing and developing into a national economy and industry that do not harm the environment.

These programs are carried out on the state level, but everyone has to participate in the responsibility for protecting our heritage, as well as sustaining ecological values.

In the plan for preserving the environment, the coastal area is in a special position. Croatia has already signed several international treaties on environmental preservation, and it is one of the first countries of the Mediterranean that has started to regularly check the clarity of seawater and cleanness of beaches. More than 120 Croatian beaches have been awarded a Blue Flag.

Cabin Charter Croatia

If you wish to experience the pleasures of sailing and luxury at an affordable price, if you like meeting new friends and you are open to new experiences and cultural exchange, a cabin charter is the best type of charter for you.

You rent a cabin with its bathroom, while you share the rest of the yacht with the other guests. A professional crew operates all aspects of the yacht, and a gourmet chef prepares all the meals. The meals are prepared from fresh local food in the tradition of Mediterranean cuisine.

In our offer we have small luxurious yachts from 3 to 10 cabins, that will enable you to explore the wonderful bays and anchorages and untouched beaches, passengers of large cruisers can only dream of…

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Desired code of conduct:

  • I will not throw litter into the sea or onto the shore
  • I will not let wastewater flow into the sea
  • I will not let poisonous waste (oil, paint, used batteries, detergents…) flow into the sea. This kind of waste will be disposed into containers in marinas
  • I will separate recycling waste – paper, glass, etc.
  • I will report pollution and violation of regulations for environmental protection to the authorities
  • I will respect the periods when fishing is forbidden
  • I will protect the marine flora and fauna
  • I will encourage other sailors to take care of environmental protection
  • I will respect the conservation areas, national parks, and nature parks
  • I will avoid damaging the seabed
  • I will not buy or use the objects made of protected species

Feel free to contact our Yacht Charter Croatia staff, who will help with any question you have!

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