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Komolac, Croatia, is home to the shortest river in the world, Ombla, located in the region of Rijeka Dubrovacka. 

In 1438, the first watering system for Dubrovnik was set up on this river. It’s been providing drinking water for the “Pearl of the Adriatic” since. 

While visiting, take a stroll through this small city and explore the Church of the Holy Spirit, the Church of the Annunciation, and the Church of St. Tripun. Also visit the Gundulic House, the summer Bizzaro House – Facenda, the summer house Pero Kolic, and the summer house Sokorcevic – Skala; all of these places are listed in the Register of Cultural Heritage in Croatia. 

Dubrovnik is located in southern Dalmatia and is considered to be one of Croatia’s most beautiful cities. Dubrovnik has been listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

The city is best known for its preserved Old Town and its mediaeval architecture. The old town is also known for Stradun, or Placa, the main street. For many visitors, one of the best things to do in the Old Town is to sit in the nearest cafe and enjoy a drink while watching the world pass by. Visitors to the Old Town are also under the watchful eye of the city patron, Saint Blaise (Saint Vlaho, as locals call him).

The highest point of the city can be seen from the top of Mount Srd (412 metres above sea level), a short distance inland. In 1969, a cable car was built to transport visitors to and from the summit, running until midnight during peak summer times.

Following the coastal road south of Dubrovnik, you’ll reach the small town of Covtat, which is full of charm, architecture, and natural beauty. You’ll also find a few bays with a promenade that runs through small romantic villages like Srebreno or Mlini. If you’re looking for a bit of history, you’ve come to the town of Dubrovnik.

The Elaphiti Archipelago is made up of 13 islands, only three of which are inhabited. The island life and culture are second to none, and the peace and quiet are priceless.

Situated high north of the island of Korčula in the Dubrovnik / Neretva County, the island is rich in culture, history, and natural environment. The city of Korčula, also known as ‘Little Dubrovnik’, is also surrounded by walls.

Lastovo is the second-most forested island in the Adriatic Sea and has been declared a nature park. The island has a national park on its western front and a reserve of natural resources on its eastern front. Mljet is rich in flora, fauna, history, and wild adventure.

Setting Sail from Dubrovnik Marina

Located in the town of Komolac in Rijeka Dubrovacka, at the mouth of the river Ombla, this marina is considered the safest to moor your yacht, as well as one of the best for maintaining them. 

Daksa is the islet to be used as the starting point for Rijeka Dubrovacka’s mouth and can be rounded from all sides. If you follow the riverbed, you’ll end up at the Mokopsica lighthouse and then head towards ACI Marina Dubrovnik. Once you get to the Rozat, the inlet gets narrower and a bit shallower, with a depth of 3-5 metres. A large breakwater protects it from the river’s current, and it is floodlit at night.

At the marina, there are 380 berths available, each with its own service facilities, as you would expect from a contemporary yacht harbour. The facilities include a reception, an exchange office, a café, a private bar, a restaurant, a tavern, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a toilet and a shower, a laundry service, a supermarket, a nautical gear shop, a repair shop, and a 60 t travel elevator.

However, some of these berths are used by charter companies, and there are 120 additional dry berths. Some of the berths can accommodate mega yachts of up to 60 metres in length.

The marina has lots of parking spots, and the fuel station is on the outside of the marina.

ACI Marina Dubrovnik proudly carries the Blue Flag, a symbol of the cleanliness of the sea, while the competition “Tourist Flower Quality for Croatia” has awarded this ACI Marina the title of “Best Marina in Adriatic” for two years in a row (category of 250 – 450 berth marinas). Guests and visitors to this marina can also enjoy ACI’s innovative “Golf Range” since last year. This unique service is only available at ACI Marina Dubrovnik.

This is a fantastic way to start your yacht charter experience in the Dubrovnik region, which consists of islands like Korcula, Pljet, Lastovo, the peninsula of Peljesac, and the stunning Elaphiti islands.

Yacht Selection

Discover the Adriatic coastline of Croatia in luxury, comfort, and natural beauty. Start your journey by choosing from our carefully selected fleet of yachts in Croatia. From classic sailing yachts that exude timeless elegance to spacious catamarans, luxurious motor yachts, or traditional gulets, our expert team will help you find the perfect yacht for your trip. 

As you explore Croatia’s beautiful coastline, you’ll discover hidden coves and historic ports. From the picturesque Old Town of Dubrovnik to the beautiful seaside of the Adriatic, you’re sure to find a yacht that will take you on an incredible maritime adventure. Choose a Yacht Charter Dubrovnik to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Safety and support

The highest point in our business is safety. With our yachts regularly inspected and our professional crew’s commitment to ensuring that you sail along Croatia’s stunning coastline, we strive to provide you with a smooth sailing experience. We give thorough safety briefings and use cutting-edge navigation systems. All our guests know that we stick with international maritime regulations. 

During your charter, if anything happens, our expert team will be there to help you out and reassure you about any problems you may encounter. 

Rest assured, enjoy your life-of-a-time holiday, and leave all worries and regulations to us. 

By renting a yacht at Yacht Charter Dubrovnik, you choose safety and comfort while sailing across the Adriatic Sea.