Yacht Charter Hvar

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Yacht Charter Hvar

Sail by the queen of the Dalmatian Islands

Why choose Hvar?

Start your sailing journey on Hvar Island. Its hills, rich in vineyards and olive groves, are the first thing that captures your eye. Its beauty leaves you with no words. Lavender, a symbol of the island, infuses the air and makes you feel like you’re flowing in the nicest perfume.

The name-bearing main town of Hvar is a lovely neighbourhood with cobblestone lanes, historical structures, and bright squares. The town’s centre is the imposing St. Stephen’s Square, which is flanked by charming cafes and diners and surpassed by the beautiful Hvar Cathedral

You may discover hidden craft stores selling regional handicrafts and goods by exploring the town’s winding lanes. Through the city, stone buildings are covered with tropical vines, rising in timeless beauty.

What makes this island in Croatia an even more amazing destination are the attractions that surround it.

What is the best time to visit Hvar?

The island of Hvar has a Mediterranean-hot summer climate. It features warm summers and gentle winters.  The town receives 2800 hours of sunlight per year. During the summer, when water temperatures typically range from 23 °C to 27 °C, Hvar enjoys an average of 7.7 sunlight hours per day, whereas Dubrovnik has 7.2. June through October are the ideal months for visiting Hvar.

Top destinations

​​A wide range of fascinating locations, including historical and cultural landmarks, natural wonders, and bustling townscapes, can be found on Hvar Island. Hvar Town is the biggest city on the island. This city should be on your must-visit list, as it’s listed as a popular tourist attraction. Walking through the city will leave you without words. Its charming cobblestone streets, impressive historical landmarks, and all the glory of St. Stephen’s Square are what make this town worth visiting.

The Hvar Fortress is the settlement that will provide you with the most beautiful view of the town and its surroundings.

The archipelago of the Pakleni Islands is located near the island of Hvar. An oasis for wildlife lovers because of its isolated coves and beautiful beaches. It is a great place for swimming and snorkelling because of its crystal-clear waters.

Do not miss visiting Stari Grad. It is one of Europe’s oldest cities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This town is known for its well-preserved streets, which are filled with ancient charm. Explore and enjoy the beauty of the Dominican Monastery.

Explore a place that tourists refer to as “Little Venice.” This place is called Vrbovska and boasts a charming network of canals and bridges. Its harbour, old town area, and appealing residences render it a unique and scenic spot.

The lavender fields in Hvar produce a beautiful and fragrant panorama throughout the blooming season. A great place to begin exploring these aromatic meadows is the village of Velo Grablje.

A great place for outdoor enthusiasts and cliff climbers is St. Nedjelja, famous for its rock climbing options and steep cliffs. It is also a hub for winemaking, and you may navigate nearby vineyards and sample Hvar’s well-known wines.

One of the most breathtaking beaches in Croatia is Dubovica Beach in Hvar. It is distinguished for its pebbly coastline and very clear water. The beach is a great place to unwind, and the sea is appealing for a refreshing swim.

These are only a few of the great vacation spots on Hvar Island. Each location enhances the island’s attraction in its own special way by fusing history, Mother Nature, and a laid-back Mediterranean way of life to provide a memorable experience.

Savouring the moments

f you want to experience cultural enlightenment, maybe have fun at night, or both, Hvar Island is well-known for its vibrant festivals and lively nightlife.  Hvar has a vibrant art scene, with several galleries and exhibitions presenting both national and international talent. 

The Hvar Summer Festival, an annual cultural event, has been going on since 1961, from late June to mid-September. During the festival, there are many different performances, including plays, dance shows, concerts of classical music, and art exhibitions. These cultural events have beautiful settings in places like ancient squares, cathedrals, and forts.

Another Festival that is held in early September has been a wonderful event for wine lovers. The Hvar Wine Festival provides an opportunity to taste some of the island’s finest wines. It offers workshops, wine tastings, and a fun environment where guests may interact with winemakers.  

The Lavender Festival is held in June during the lavender blooming season. This event honours the fragrant lavender fields of Hvar. As a visitor, you may take part in a variety of activities: picking lavender, learning about the production of essential oils, and consuming lavender-infused goods.

For those looking to enjoy the after-hours scene, Hvar Island is known for its exciting and lively nightlife, which provides a wide variety of possibilities. One of the most famous clubs in Hvar is the Carpe Diem Beach Club. This legendary place lies on the Pakleni Islands. It is a seaside paradise during the day that smoothly transforms into a bustling nightlife district. Dance to worldwide DJ rhythms, sip unique drinks and savour the vibrant ambience beneath the starlit sky.

Hvar’s nightlife combines beach parties, outdoor clubs, upscale lounges, and little taverns. Be assured that there is something for everyone, and it will leave you with lifetime memories. You can party until the morning, enjoy drinking by the beach, or just soak up a charming environment.

Another aspect of Hvar’s attractiveness is its delectable cuisine. Try the island’s world-famous olive oil and the regional wines made from grapes grown on the island, such as Plavac Mali. Seaside restaurants have fresh fish with a touch of Mediterranean flavour, and traditional Dalmatian specialities are also available.

A yacht rental in Hvar provides an unrivalled experience for anyone looking for the pinnacle of luxury and adventure along the Croatian coast. As you cruise the beautiful waters of Hvar, a gem in the Adriatic Sea, on a private boat, you open up a world of pleasure and adventure. Hvar becomes your own playground.

Sailing Yacht Charter

Experience the power of the breeze as you sail through the waves, fully surrounded by the natural beauty of Hvar. A voyage on a sailing yacht guarantees an exhilarating and eco-friendly journey, where the allure of the open sea invites extraordinary encounters.

Catamaran Charter

By choosing to rent a catamaran, you can expect to experience the utmost level of sailing luxury. With its twin hulls, you will effortlessly sail across the water and relish a seamless journey. The expansive decks offer the perfect backdrop for an unparalleled sailing adventure.

Motor Yacht Charter 

For those seeking a thrilling and fast experience on the sea, a motor yacht offers a fantastic option. Equipped with powerful engines, it enables you to efficiently navigate coastlines and cover vast distances.

Gulet Charter

A gulet, like a classic sailing yacht, originates timeless beauty and charm. Because of its traditional form and spacious decks, these yachts deliver a comfortable and relaxing time on the water. 

*Why us?*

Choosing a yacht rental in Hvar allows you to enjoy the beauty and attractions of this gorgeous Croatian island in a unique and luxurious way. Renting a boat allows you to create your own itinerary. That will allow you to explore secluded coves, wild beaches, and charming coastal villages. 

The coastline of Hvar is a work of natural beauty that is best admired from the comfort of a boat. Take in breathtaking panoramic views while sailing across Hvar’s crystal-clear waters.  Hire a boat and allow yourself access to the remote areas. Anchor in peaceful bays, swim in clear waters, and enjoy the serenity of these hidden treasures.

Picture yourself observing the sun descend beneath the horizon while aboard your luxury boat. Observing the famous sunsets of Hvar from the water is a captivating and enchanting encounter that perfectly captures the Mediterranean’s charm. Choosing a Yacht Charter Hvar, Croatia, will help you experience traditional travel, allowing you to savour every moment and create a truly unforgettable getaway.

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