Yacht Charter Pirovac

a serene harbour

Pirovac is a small town located in the Šibenik-Knin County of Croatia, situated on the Adriatic coast. It lies between the cities of Zadar and Šibenik, making it a convenient stop for tourists exploring the Dalmatian coast. Pirovac is known for its charming Mediterranean atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and rich cultural heritage.

One of the notable attractions in Pirovac is the Marina Pirovac, which serves as a popular destination for sailing enthusiasts and visitors looking to explore the nearby islands of the Adriatic. The town itself features narrow streets lined with stone houses, along with traditional Dalmatian architecture.

Pirovac offers various activities for visitors, including swimming, sunbathing, and water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, and diving. The area is also known for its delicious seafood restaurants, where visitors can indulge in fresh fish and other local delicacies. Additionally, Pirovac is conveniently located near several national parks, including Krka National Park and Kornati National Park, both of which are renowned for their stunning natural landscapes and diverse wildlife.

Overall, Pirovac is a charming coastal town that offers visitors a perfect blend of relaxation, outdoor activities, and cultural experiences along the picturesque Dalmatian coast of Croatia.

Setting Sail from Pirovac Marina

Marina Pirovac is a popular destination among yacht owners and sailors who explore the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea. Here are some key information about Marina Pirovac regarding yachts.

Marina Pirovac provides a wide range of services that are specially adapted to the needs of yacht owners. This includes a secure berth for yachts of various sizes, moorings with the possibility of connecting to water and electricity, and the possibility of supplying fuel.

Most marinas, including Marina Pirovac, have security surveillance to ensure the safety of vessels and equipment. This may include the presence of staff on shore, security cameras and other security measures.

Marina Pirovac usually offers additional services such as boat washing and maintenance, boat rental services, restaurant reservations, organization of excursions or activities on the water, and the like.

Pirovac je smješten u blizini brojnih atraktivnih lokacija, uključujući nacionalne parkove poput Kornati i Krka. Ovo čini Marinu Pirovac privlačnom bazom za istraživanje obližnjih prirodnih ljepota i kulturnih znamenitosti.

Yacht Selection

Yacht Charter Pirovac provides the appropriate yacht for you, whether you want a contemporary motor yacht or a vintage sailing yacht, gulet, or catamaran. This marina serves all sorts of boaters and sailing lovers, with great facilities for yachts of all sizes.With its well-kept docks and courteous personnel, this is the ideal site to begin your sailing holidays.

Safety and support

When you charter a yacht, it’s important that you feel safe and well taken care of. At Marina Pirovac, we have everything you need to make your sailing experience as smooth and safe as possible. We have the best facilities, the best staff, and the cleanest docks. You can count on us for help and a safe journey as you sail along the Adriatic coast from this charming and welcoming place.