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Yacht Charter Skradin

a serene harbour

Skradin, a picturesque town in Croatia, is one of the country’s oldest settlements, with a population of around 4,000 inhabitants. It was settled 2,000 years ago during the Illyrian period and has a long history.

Skradin was ruled alternately by the Romans, Goths, Venetians, and Ottoman dynasties. The name Skradin dates back to Roman times, when the town was founded by the inhabitants of the ancient region of Scardona. The historical centre of Skradin is a protected monument because of its rich history.

Narrow, cobbled streets and immaculately preserved architecture give Skradin an old-world charm. Here you’ll see traditional Mediterranean buildings with colourful shutters, quaint cafes, and welcoming restaurants serving delicious local food. Walk through the charming streets, and you’ll fall in love with Skradin.

The town’s restaurants offer fresh seafood, local ingredients, and traditional Dalmatian cuisine. Skradin’s gastronomic experience is an Adriatic gastronomic journey that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Setting Sail from Skradin Marina

ACI Marina Skradin is a part of the city port of the small fishing village of Skradin in northern Dalmatia. It’s close to the border of Krka National Park, lying on the freshwater river Krka, so it’s well worth visiting. 

The starting point is from the village of Sibenik, passing through the mighty fjord of Krka, where the speed limit is constantly being checked. After passing through Krka, there’s a red and green light sign at the entrance to the ACI marina in Skradin. Private boats aren’t allowed to pass through here.

Yachts of up to 50 metres can be moored with a mooring line at a total of 180 berths. All berths are equipped with a water supply and electricity. However, the marina does not have any dry berths available. A few extra moorings can be found outside the marina on the village’s quay. 

Anchoring is not allowed outside the village, although it is permitted when the village marina and quay are occupied. 

While the sanitary facilities are in excellent condition and well-maintained, because of the high volume of visitors at the port, waiting times are common.

There’s a big parking lot in Skradin, and the nearest fuel station is about 8 nautical miles from Skradin in the town of Sibenik.

Yacht Selection

Yacht Charter Skradin provides the appropriate yacht for you, whether you want a contemporary motor yacht or a vintage sailing yacht, gulet, or catamaran. This marina serves all sorts of boaters and sailing lovers, with great facilities for yachts of all sizes. Marina Skradin, located at the mouth of the Krka River, is an excellent starting place for exploring the gorgeous Adriatic coast. With its well-kept docks and courteous personnel, this is the ideal site to begin your sailing holidays.

Safety and support

When you charter a yacht, it’s important that you feel safe and well taken care of. At Marina Skradin, we have everything you need to make your sailing experience as smooth and safe as possible. We have the best facilities, the best staff, and the cleanest docks. You can count on us for help and a safe journey as you sail along the Adriatic coast from this charming and welcoming place.