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With a population of 2,600 people, situated 2.5 kilometres from the coastal town of Trogir, Seget Donji is a beautiful place to spend your seaside holidays. Especially if you’re a tourist looking for a mix of sightseeing in the UNESCO-listed old town of Trogir and the sun, pebble beaches, and sea, this destination is ideal for you.

It used to be a fortress that protected the city from invaders, but today it is a charming place that attracts tourists with its breathtaking scenery, relaxed atmosphere, and friendly inhabitants.

The promenade is almost two kilometres long, and there are lots of beautiful bays to take a dip in, with a stunning view of Ciovo Island in the background. The picturesque, historic old town features immaculately preserved Dalmatian stone buildings, a charming 1758 church that evokes feelings of romance, and cobbled streets that evoke an authentic ambiance.

Seget Donji is a quiet fishing port with some of the best restaurants in Croatia serving up delicious local food and coffee.

Setting Sail from Baotic Marina

The Baotic Marina is located in the town of Seget Donji in the Split region of Dalmatia. The objective of the marina is to offer the best rental service to its guests and to ensure that they have a hassle-free stay at Seget Donji.

It can accommodate yachts on 300 sea berths and 100 dry berths. The marina is divided into 11 jetties for yachts, ranging from 6 to 60 metres in length. A few berths are designed for yachts with a large draft (up to 6 metres). 

Each berth is fitted with the necessary equipment, making it easy for sailors to relax and unwind. Here, visitors can find all the nautical amenities they need, along with stores and a restaurant.

Marina Baotic has 20 refuelling stations on 20 berths, so you don’t need to wait too long for a stop at the pump. Marina Baotic isn’t just a sailing spot; it’s also a place to enjoy water sports, fishing, or just a holiday by the seaside.

The Island of Ciovo, located on the other side of the marina, protects it from the wind. Marina Baotic has modern facilities, and you can stay there for a short or long time. It’s best to book ahead, especially during the busiest times of the year. The port is available all year round.

Located just 10 kilometres from the airport in Split, the marina represents the gateway to the captivating wonders of the Adriatic. Split International Airport is the closest airport to the marina. Marina Baotic is connected to all the tourist attractions in Dalmatia. The strategic position of the marina allows sailors to easily get to the archipelago of Split and other important places in the Adriatic Sea.

Yacht selection

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Safety and support

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